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some of my web design work
some of my web design work
Multiplicidade is the name of Unicid first blog devoted to student life in and out of campus. When i read the briefing, i visualized a simple yet structured and clean layout and this is what i came up with. I also did their logo inspired by geometric lines and Unicid's colors.
Caia no Mundo is a big network of blogs from people that went abroad to study and to travel by Central de Intercâmbio.

They had lots of blogs, lots of content and everything was getting too crowded and too messy. So, they came up to me and asked for a new online identity, a new way to structure this network of blogs and a new way to use wordpress without making it show like it is a wordpress blog.

So, thinking about that i focused first on doing a new home with the top content nothing like the majority of wordpress blogs. Second, i needed to structure the content coming from all the people across the globe and then it was done. I think.
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Felipe Tofani
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