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Josephine's Neighborhood Bistro

Josephine’s is a neighborhood bistro in Wylie, Texas that serves French cuisine with a Texas twist.
The strategy was to create a visual identity that captured Texan attitude and French delicacy, while always
walking the line of too Texas, and too French, while still earning the title of “the nicest place in town”.
The identity features a traditional French toile pattern that, when you look closer, reveals custom illustrated Texas iconography and local Wylie landmarks. To further push the unexpected mash-up of Texan and French, we concepted and commissioned a series of five oil paintings that place French bulldogs in iconic Texas landscapes--with some portraying famous Texan movie/TV icons. These act as interior artwork and coasters, complete with hidden easter eggs to entice customers to spend some extra time with them each time they visit. Designed at rbmm.com in collaboration with Phil Smith. Illustration: Ernesto Pacheco
Oil paintings: @pawelstepanow

Freelance, Moonlighting
Garrett Owen
Design for things that need to be bought, sold, or... Dallas, TX