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A system overview of the G99 Modular Tactical Pack System. There are endless configurations to be fine tuned for user and mission profile. The brief for this project was similar to a phone book. Extremely technical and focused on a discerning specialty segment of the tactical market.
Tactical Pack in Duro Multicam
Frame system with prototype rifle sling attachment
One of the unique brief requirements and features was to develop a system that can carry bulky long items, weapon systems, and communications gear between the frame and the packbag itself. Not an easy task to do well.
Assault Pack Organizer config
G99 System Layout. Photo: S.Mishin
Extremely dangerous functional requirements.
Extremely dangerous functional requirements.
Consumer Testing- shown wearing items from the concurrent L5 Softshell Apparel project, also handled by Indochine Development Group (G. Rittmeyer), with lead design collaborator- P. Reichel (apparel)
Lumbar and waistbelt foam and pattern development
Bulk Production QC - shipping to active units in numerous countries, here and abroad, for special operations.
Early prototype fit testing at one of the development facilities
Early prototype evaluation at one of the development facilities
Extremely dangerous functional requirements.
Early explorations in duct tape, carbon/fiberglass, and assorted hardware and cardboard. Later to evolve into an entirely different animal- A military specification hybrid modular frame system capable of carrying 150lbs "comfortably" with functional torsional mobility.
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G99 / Gruppa99 Modular Tactical Backpack System

Complete concept-through-production collaboration with client G99. I was responsible for all original design, development, engineering, material and design specifications, sampling, supply chain setup, manufacturing aspects. Worked in close collaboration with functional requirements established by private global tactical specialty brand G99 to create this unique modular platform including frame and 100% interchangeable component systems. Used by special forces units around the globe in active combat. Assist, backup, and invaluable support by M. Coleman Horn.

Freelance, Full-time
Geoffrey Rittmeyer
Product Category Management and Consulting Ojai, CA