Strategic analysis of the Aerocrine brand and the target user group
The main challenge of this project was to create a positive and long lasting relationship between the child and the Niox device.To accomplish that the child’s interaction with the device is transformed into a challenging game. The device utilizes a reward system that actively encourages the child to take an ongoing initiative in managing his or her asthma condition. This transforms the experience from a tedious medical check-up into an exciting daily challenge. Once the test is complete, the device transmits the results via a smartphone to the child’s parents and to the family doctor.
Credits: Photography: S. Dogan Sekercioglu, Alastair Warren; Scenario sketches: S. Dogan Sekercioglu; Collaborating Partner: Aerocrine AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Niox Home

While typically not a life threatening condition, Asthma places serious restrictions on a patient's life. Because of the chronic nature of the disease, Asthma patients often neglect their condition, which causes them to slowly sink into an increasingly limited way of life.

The NIOX Home Asthma monitor prevents this by providing a quick, simple and non invasive method to monitor the Asthma condition on a daily basis, in the comfort of your own home.

This helps Asthma patients adjust their medicine amounts and lead a healthier and a more active life style.

Gosha Galitsky
Industrial Designer, M.F.A. Örebro, Sweden