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First Forest Garden In Naperville, IL!!!

We are designing and installing the FIRST FOREST GARDEN in Naperville, IL on The Conservation Foundation McDonald Farm!
A forest garden is a gardening technique or land management system that mimics a woodland ecosystem but substitutes in plants which can include edible, medicinal, fiber, dye, and fuel-producing trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. Companions or beneficial plants are included as insectaries, pest confusers, dynamic accumulators, nitrogen fixers, and mulch plants. Together they create relationships to form a perennial forest garden ecosystem able to produce high yields of food for human consumption, ultimately with minimal maintenance.
The McDonald Farm forest garden will be a demonstration design for people to interact with and learn from and serve as an inspiration for transforming suburban lawns. We will also be using this project as a hands-on learning opportunity for our upcoming Food Forest Workshop and Homestead Design Workshops.

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Karen Vanek
Design Services Project Manager at The Resiliency Institute of Naperville Naperville, IL