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R&D Testing and More

It was 2002 and my mechanical manager had left the company and I had very little training on the testing side of things. The test lab technician assisted me running the twin wire impact test rigs and retention testers but I soon realized, and with production deadlines looming on the horizon, that to be really certain the project was going to be ready for certification with the various test certification agencies, I had to apply some organizational skills, and fast.
So I came up with the Impact Roadmap, a pictorial document generated in Illustrator which benefits from its capacity to store data in layers. Since then I have designed and implemented many such methods; density control, SOPs, and recently I’ve had the privilege of building an in-house wind tunnel for an aero-helmet project called Star Pro.
Mechanical design comes from the gut…and when that fails, you design a test procedure. You rely upon experience to fuel the first, but you really have to be certain…always.

Gregg Jacobsen
Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer Santa Cruz, CA