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Accessible Technologies Inc. has strong roots in the automotive industry as a performance driven manufacturer of turbochargers. When they wanted to take their turbochargers and begin producing pneumatic blower systems they called us at KEM Studio. Together we created the Inovair Blower System - a more efficient, easier maintained cabinet that is changing opinions on the importance of design in this market.
Accessible Technologies Inc. and KEM Studio teamed up to create the Inovair pneumatic conveyor. This cabinet uses a high performance turbocharger to pressurize air and push granular materials through piping in large warehouse facilities; i.e. flour, wheat, and other grains.
Not just pretty details - the venting helps cool the unit while the angled surfaces keep dust from collecting and contaminating food facilities that must meet strict health codes.
Accessible Technologies Inc

Inovair Blower System

Chris Grill
Industrial Designer Kansas City, MO