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Performance wear t-shirt monitors fire fighters' vitals both during and after fires (the most common time for heart attacks). The smart shirt, when worn, cues other gear to turn on.
First exploratory sketch of a SCBA and Mask system with voice amplification, D30 head cover, and built in hand straps and sled for attaching to victims for easier rescues.
Quick storyboard to illustrate a new network of communication, fire fighter information, and warnings.
Smart helmet and mask system alerts Incident Command when helmet is knocked off fire fighter.
Mask forms and functionality explored with special interest in developing a fast, single adjustment method for tightening the mask. These concepts also looked into incorporating a thin molded D30 cover into the mask.
Quick afternoon sketch of a handheld drill press, bout 4 min
Hand-held drill press sketches with photoshop
Hand-held drill press concepts
Hand-held drill press concepts
Hand-held drill press concepts
Circular saw concepts
Sketched these after a weekend at Lake Anna.
15 min Thumbnails
Grass Hopper Flashlight - This was a quick sketch I did as a warm-up. The form for the flash light was inspired by a grass hopper.

A compilation of sketches.

Chris Grill
Industrial Designer Kansas City, MO