Weather sucks - ...So I painted
Mech Innoculator - Climbs onto the back of real mosquitos to conserve energy, then inoculates unknowingly
Future Cities - My thoughts on overpopulation, kind of crazy though. The massive trees would be watered/fed mechanically with artificial roots. A lot of extra detail with the large size.
Future World Painting Process - Drawing on 3x3" post it notes to help get the scale/ and proportions right. I take the final one to photoshop and paint under it.
Luminescents - Painting again....
Fog Stroll - Playing with lighting and atmosphere to get an effect
I see launch shoes in the future.... - taking flight
Audiological - random sketching and some music led to it. Going for a really random paint feel with good readability though

A collection of my concept and sci-fi art

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