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Aliz eco-friendly luxury yacht
General Arrangements
Water reclamation system
Waterfall and movie screen - A retractable movie screen enriches the experience of being on the open ocean while the river and waterfall enhance the ambiance of nature.
Retractable movie screen
Retractable solar panels - Retractable solar panels provide power for LED lights while also providing shade for the outdoor lounge areas.
Sun deck - The top sun deck features an outdoor lounge, wet bar and grill area for entertaining. The area towards the stern can be converted into a golf green.
Interior lounge - The view from the lounge and dining area on the main deck gives guests the ability to look out over the ocean through a waterfall.
Master suite - The master suite is designed with large, full wall windows on either side. These windows convert in to balconies, and the bed located in the center of the room rotates 180 degrees to fall asleep watching the sunset or wake with
the sunrise.
Upper deck bar - The hydraulic elevator is surrounded by a garden that changes from deck to deck, bringing a sense of life to the living spaces. On the upper deck the elevator opens to the bar and lounge with a river flowing through.
Scale model - During the development of Aliz, a model was built to the scale of 1/4 inch to a foot, equaling approximately three feet (0.91 meters) in length.
Fast Company magazine ad - Aliz was selected to represent SCAD for a magazine ad in the April 2010 edition of Fast Company.
Fast Company magazine ad
Heather Witkop
Industrial Designer Cadillac, MI