Learning Outcome: one team of students' design for making walking and driving a more pleasant and civil experience in Thailand.
Learning Outcome - one team of students' research-based design for a supermarket
LMM420 - Collaborative Design Projects [Asian University, Spring 2012]

This course assumes that collaboration is a fundamental aspect of design, inspiration, and innovation. This course sets out to “detoxify” students’ distaste for “group work” and instead encourages them to learn some of the secrets of collaboration: a mixture of active leadership and social engagement and passively positive traits such as responsibility, patience, listening, and acting on intuition. It is also assumed that most students may not know how to engage in real-life problem solving, but this course will set out to prove that when students apply their previous knowledge and skills to new problems, they demonstrate resourcefulness and innovation. The course is about trusting ones own insights and creatively realizing them in a social activity that somehow reflects the joy and struggle of being an aware human. It is assumed that this creative process is an evolutionary event that in some manner benefits students and society spiritually, emotionally, and cognitively.

Michael Ernest Jones
Michael Ernest Jones Khon Kaen, Thailand