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For fun sketching. Gotta keep the daring muscles going.
Soft good holster for electronic cigarettes color study sketch. Line work done by hand then rendered in photoshop
Toy design sketch for a school project. Pen and Marker
Toy design sketch for a school project. Pen and photoshop airbrush
Honda #9 - This is a rendering of how i plan to customize my 1981 Honda GL 500, the only major changes to the bike are the handle bars and the rear seat area, and a new paint job.
This drawing was a tattoo idea for my brother. It would be a half sleeve tattoo with the octopus starting on the chest then wrapping down the shoulder and down to the elbow.
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Sketching - Digital & Traditional

Some of these are recent and some are very old but these are some sketches and drawings from personal project, work assignments, and some old school stuff.

Ian Chambers
Industrial designer Fullerton, CA