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What do you get when you cross Italian and Argentinean genes, educate him at the renowned Facultad de Arquitectura Urbanismo y Deseño in Cordoba, Argentina, and then transplant him to Miami’s design district to soak up all things ‘cool’ for a decade or so before becoming serious about actually earning a living? Well, you get a design Rock Star whose laid-back approach to business and life are a refreshing and calming influence in boardrooms and design charrettes that are often filled with over-caffeinated type-A dragons vying for attention. Martin’s demeanor is so laid back, sometimes you have to wonder if he’s breathing. And he’s so quiet, you might wonder if he speaks. Thankfully, he is very much alive, and has a distinct design point of view. But he doesn’t pipe up until he’s pretty confident that he’s got exactly the right answer. Then, with a level of talent bordering on ‘idiot savant’, he just ‘whips it out’ with stunning elegance, simplicity, and taste. Martin is the designer all of the rest of us aspire to be in our next lives. And we are truly and honored to work alongside him. Don’t be surprised at all one of these days when (despite his best efforts to avoid it) he winds up incredibly rich and famous for one of his iconic product or furniture designs. Hey—at least we can all say “we knew you when. . .” Barret Prelogar www.bareskull.com


2012 TIFF Intl Furniture Contest Finalist 2009 World Kitchen, LLC Design Contest Honorable Mention 2003 - MASISA Intl Furniture Competition Finalist. 2001 Unilever Argentina: Final, 15 best designs. 2000 - Halts Design Competition, Cordoba, Argentina; 1st Place.



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