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A successful design is something which solves a problem and bonds with it's user.
CYCLOPS - Monsters Inc.the movie was my inspiration in coming up with this design. It specifically was Sam the single eyed monster which caught my attention. Having just one eye may prove to be an advantage afterall because the focal point of the whole operation would all take place in one area and that is a design merit in itself.
Sophia F-Gen SUB W. - The Home Theater fever inspired this design. This model was born for the Filipino viewers benefit only. Based on our study, Filipino viewers prefer strong base sound levels and this design aims to stisfy that particular craving.
The FREEZE family! - All Window type Panasonic airconditioners are being developed in the Philippines and I am the person behind these designs. As the users lifestyle gets faster, the aircon design adjusts to its masters lifestyle too. "Easy and fast cleaning" is where the aircon designs are being geared to.This means more smooth surfaces and less details on the designs. Please check out the pictures.
Advance Designing - I was tasked to focus and research in attempting to create new products for Panasonic. Changing lifestyles may require changing design products and I was there to predict these changes.....this is a very challenging thing to do because the work is synonimous to inventing.
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Mathew Barba
quezon city, Philippines