Equinoxial greetings 2010
Our 2008 X-mas card - 2008 X-mas card.
Done in Corel Painter X
X-mas card I sent to clients in 2008 - X-mas card I sent to clients 2008
Done in Corel Painter X
For the Family - Did this one for my family back in Iceland in 2008. Those are my grandmothers grandchildren ...few missing ;)
Our X-mas card this year (2009) - Our Equinoxial card this year ;-)
Done in Corel Painter X
Card for Kennisnet.nl - Did this one for the Dutch educational site Kennisnet.nl back in 2007.

Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop.
My Clients X-mas card from 2007 - I was going through a slick-sugar-sweet period in 2007, just before I got to know Painter X (that program changed me...)

Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop.
Don't know what I was thinking... - In the middle of a burn-out period, back in 2007, I sat down and made this :)
Christmas through the years

Various Christmas Cards

Ingi Jensson
Illustrator / Cartoonist / Comic Maker Naxxar, Malta