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Lencyn Farmaceutica Packaging Redesign - PROJECT: Lencyn Farmaceutica identity
OVERVIEW: Lencyn is a small company in the Dominican Republic that sells over-the-counter drugs. I had the chance to create the look and feel of the company as well as the design guidelines for the packaging.
ROLE: Concept Development, design and illustration
PROJECT: Limited Edition NOS 22oz Promo - OVERVIEW: Promotion for the NOS 22oz bottles with Kyle Busch imagery and NOS sweepstakes. Kyle was one of the most successfull NASCAR drivers in 2008 and was making headlines on a regular basis.
ROLE: Design and illustration
NOS Rowdy Can - OVERVIEW: Packaging for a limited edition Kyle Busch can.
ROLE: Design and illustration
Chivas Gift Label - OVERVIEW: Promotional labels for special occasions with personilized messages.
The challenge here was to create a space without disrupting the original look and feel of the labels to insert a personalized message created by customers.
Rehab Can Proposal - OVERVIEW: Design exploration for the energy drink Rehab. This brand has a limited market in Las Vegas and areas around it and is part of the Sunday Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel.
ROLE: Design
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Isaac Perez
Graphic Designer Nyack, NY