Accula Skyster Flying Car-Drone

This is my vision of a Flying Car. Actually this is subsonic VTOL aircraft. It is 8 electrical motor quadcopter with 3 axis 360 degree movement of motors which gives high maneuverability, it can pitch, yaw and roll in place right in the air. Each propulsion has consist of 2 coaxial Electric Ducted Fan motors which makes it quieter, safer and gives high thrust. It has also 4 small emergency hydrogen fuel engines. Speed can be reached to 666 km/h. Accula QX44 Skyster doesn't run on roads because it was born to fly. Its semi-automatic personal flying car-drone with AI assistant autopilot. No need for pilot license, it can be driven as an automatic drone-car, unless owner wants to drive it on his own. Turbines can be used as a generator to power up the batteries while cruising or descending. Has 4 levels of safety. Body is made of kevlar+carbon fibre.

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Freelance, Full-time
Isken Asana
Interdiscipline Designer & Amateur Reverse Engineer Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan