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Inocencia II - Let them come in!
"Diamond Crier"

I have strange dreams, but they always give me some sort of "gift". Not so long ago I had a dream: My eyes became furious storms before I cried lil cold diamonds... and there was only ONE who can do it... me.
Inocencia III (you are the diamond to my rose) - I am cracked, with a "rich" history full of scars, stains and such(rose), but there is light and hope (blue diamond)
Inocencia - This represents an abstract self-portrait. From my hands you unlock true innocence.
Furia - There's always another side to all things "innocent". Mine is asleep but still noticeable.
All type self-portrait - The concept is simply expressing one's truths with the written word. Sometimes we can't "speak" truths right away, so it's best to write it down; it heals wounds better.
A Slave's True King's Heart
My mind
My eyes can speak any emotional language...
"Only in Dream"
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Abstract self portraits

I think that self portraits can be executed in so many ways because we are so complex and anything can be related to us; so many directions, but the FIRST direction that comes to mind is the one that should be executed.

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Ivette Benitez Gregory
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