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"Sleepnes Thinking"
"Dragon in Disguise"
Ink, pencil, colored pencil fun! Letting my hand go free, I drew what I felt, not what I saw.
"From far away..."
... things aren't always as they seem; people are NOT always what they seem to be... look closer and you'll see.
"An Emotional Scene"
Ink, Pencil, Colored Penciled emotional vomit...
editing my world
beautiful depression
blank state - shapes on top of shapes that create depth: it is what I see when I sleep.
Missing her - A long time ago in San Francisco, I met the perfect lady: open minded, never judged people, always positive, never had an evil bone in her body... some people are special and are meant to stay with you forever no matter how far they truly are.
sense of humor ONLY... - Title says it all
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Inside my head

When we close our eyes we see (some of us) images, colors or textures; that is why I love to sleep: I can see something else than what we normally see out there...

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Ivette Benitez Gregory
Artist Design Rookie Chicago, IL