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from me to Cassey Ho
"I made something inspired by you! She is the cutest Momiji doll I've illustrated. I want to thank you for changing our lives with your positive energy and outer and inner beauty!!! I hope this cute lil doll represents everything that I've seen in you!" -
"Maria De La Juana"
She's my "momiji"version of the Weed Queen and her 3 strains: Sativa, Indica & Hybrid.
She represents love, happiness, no hate, no war... just pure LOVE!
My Vishnu-Mohini- lotus flower and self portrait all in one...
As I always love to do, I do color variations on everything I make, this one makes me happy, the original is: http://society6.com/ivettebenitez/My-Vishnu-I_Print

This represents power, beauty, wealth, wisdom and everything we ALL want in life... everything we already are
I get inspired easily, i find inspiration within myself along with the elements provided by life's greatest gifts: our forms of art we have.
This is my Brooke Shields turned Momiji : ) I love to make these and more will come! I will create stickers with these lil dolls!
Art Nouveau Styled world wide Army of Encouragement.
Army of encouragement - These are a set of my favorite message dolls that I'm illustrating.
Lana(my favorite so far) - Expanding new styles of illustrations I used the Momijis as inspirations and since I can't buy one I instead create my own designs and will turn them into stickers and who knows maybe create them as actual dolls. I dream of being one of their designers. I love these lil dolls! You will see a huge set of them soon!
Ivette - Collection
Andrea(the inspiration)
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Message Dolls personalizing yourself

Momiji Dolls are the cutest creation! These message dolls always bring a smile to people's faces, even if they don't admit it. I love them so much but I can't buy them; so I started to draw my own personalized dolls longing for one for myself.
More to come!!!

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