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"Scarlett Drop"
Vector Illustration about one lil drop of blood taking human form... drip drop.
"Ossessione" - In this society "looks" go on top of the food chain. I created this as a restless inspiration: being "mistreated" for not caring about my appearance. But in reality outer beauty means nothing, and to be obsessed with it is like staying in your own prison.
Masonic Lion- the wise (Under Construction)
Soon I'll be an official "face yoga" instructor! This is an illustration that represents the wonders of face yoga: rejuvenation : )
"Birth.Life.Death (3 stages) SCRAMBLED" All type (numbers) self-portrait.

Sometimes I have a dark mind. I know when I was born (duh), I live now (even bigger DUH), but I don't know hen I'll die (last duh). Life is a scrambled "movie" where we go back and forth fearing death, trying to figure a way to the "fountain of youth"...

My beautiful sister just had a blessing a few months ago; to show my love to her and to her "Teresita baby" I created this piece.
What kind of creature are you? - This is simply an all typographical perspective on what kind of person we are, and more animals are to come because we are not just one; we are many.
Personality Disorder? NO, that is a stupid medical term for all our sides.
Manipulation - Tarantulas have an appeal to them, it's one of my favorite animals because of how ironic she is. Some people have that nature: beautiful on the outside but usually have a tendency to "suck" others in and never let them go. That is what I expressed on this image and the next.
Manipulation 2
The joker's in everyone... - I hate Batman, I love the Joker; I just personalized the joker as myself above "the batman" : )
Beauty does not make any sense - Beauty portrayal can be misunderstood... anything can be beautiful, it depends on you...
"Help Me"
This is an abstract representation of my struggles. I am a spiral staircase morphing into a cat; trying to get "there" ( my goals and dreams ) It seems so far away when I am so close to them...
"Boricua con Orgullo"
I get homesick at times (Puerto Rico), missing my roots, family and everything that my heart carries. Instead of pity to take on myself, I use that emotion to create fun ways to put my "homesickness" to use...
Don't Look
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This set includes new pieces that represent another design phase: a way for me to expand myself as an artist.

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