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Oasis Water Transport

In Africa, a very large amount of time each day is spent by women walking to wells, filling up containers, and walking back home. This task would be made much easier if these women had access to a water container capable of carrying a larger quantity of water. My solution to this problem is a wheeled water container capable of carrying much more water than a bowl. The product also has an ergonomic form that allows it to be used as a seating solution, be it at the users’ home, or during the long walk to and from a well. The design is sturdy enough to traverse the rough, uneven and varied surfaces in Africa, and strong enough to survive the pressure of being sat on, whether full of water or empty. There is a groove on the top for the water to easily flow through, and a small handle on the front to aid the pourer when lifting it up.

James Birks
Derby, United Kingdom