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Whilst I only designed 7 Astral shelters from scratch, I did overhaul all 20 of the currently installed styles and created complete 3D models and construction drawings for each one.
New range of LCD shelters in Toronto.
This one at King & John
An unusually large shelter (around 50ft long) that was designed to be installed at Bay and Bloor in Toronto near Bay subway station.
One of the complicated parts of this project, besides making the roof so long, was making sure that the shelter would sit flat on the sloped sidewalk.
During installation we had concrete sonotubes poured at varying lengths to support the shelter posts.
Powder coated aluminium covers were manufactured to hide the concrete sonotubes.
Public toilet at Ashbridge Bay Park
As part of the transit programme, a public toilet also had to be manufactured.
The toilet unit was provided and was cladded in house with aluminium and glass.
The roof was constructed in a similar way to the shelters to match the rest of the street furniture programme.
The toilet is automated and cleans itself. They cost 25c to use.
Cantilever transit shelter on Queen St
This is a 2 ad shelter. I later designed a variation which had shorter side glass to take up less space. It also utilised two post ad cans for stability.
Cantilever transit shelter on Eastern Ave.
The most recent shelter that is being produced is based on this concept.
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Astral Transit Shelters

At Provincial I was the main designer for transit shelters in Toronto, Durham and Surrey, BC.

James Willoughby
Mechanical Design Engineer Huddersfield, United Kingdom