HomeGoods Fixture concepts - Since HomeGoods inventory changes out weekly & sometimes daily, they needed fixture designs that were not only flexible but could organize their products. Slanted shelf display fixtures with or without headers can be placed in a run or used as endcaps. Stackable shelving units, nesting tables, large rolling shelves, & rolled rug displays were introduced.
HomeGoods Gallery - The gallery is a static department at HomeGoods. We recommended different flooring & ceiling to differentiate from other departments. A stone focal wall was placed in the center to represent a fireplace (colder climates) &/or add shelving for more display opportunities. All merchandise was placed on platforms with casters that not only elevate the product but ease the transportation of heavy products.
HomeGoods Entrance - The entrance at HomeGoods always display it's newest arrival. Flexibility is the most important key. Most items can be placed on platforms (with casters) either in groupings &/or on cubes to elevate the product. Higher shelving placed behind gives it a gradual elevated look into the space.
HomeGoods Cashwrap - The cashwrap is the perfect spot to display products for maximum purchase opportunities. New slanted fixtures are placed in the bedding department organizing the entire space & allowing for maximum viewing without having to dig through the product. New "dump" bins, stackable shelving, & free standing fixtures complete the space. An area next to the cashier is a designated hold area for large items.
HomeGoods Fixtures - In-line gondolas have glass shelving for maximum product viewing that can be arranged in any configuration. Department header announcement can be placed on any aisle run to accomodate flexibility of product availability. New rug display fixtures were introduced along with slanted shelf fixtures for maximum display opportunities. Platforms on casters & cubes can be used for display groupings & graphic opportunities.

HomeGoods store offer an ever-changing selection of unique home fashions. I designed fixtures that not only flexible but could organize their products.

Jody Amsden, LEED...
Adjunct Professor of Design Cleveland, OH