Midpoint Market front entrance - The project was to find an abandoned building to redesign or re-purpose it. The building chosen was located in Fairfax, Ohio. After much research of the neighborhood, the history of the building, and interviews with residents, a discovery that there was a lack of fresh food available. There wasn't a grocery store in this urban area for a least fifteen miles.
Midpoint Market side entrance - This building is conveniently, centerally located along a public transportation route and among numerous destination spots. (i.e. Playhouse Squ, MOCA, Cleveland Clinic, etc) For the community, it could be a central social connection. The side lawn can be used for BBQ's & give opportunities to showcase local talent. A garage door opens into the interior space.
Midpoint Market side elevation - A garage door opening was added to allow it to be opened during warmer weather. In this community there are very few family restaurants and the street has heavy foot traffic; using smell and sound to attract customers. Large windows were added to the side to let sunlight into the interior dining area.
Midpoint Market front elevation - The building was clad in brick to give it a permanent feel. Large windows were added to bring in much needed sunlight to the space. Metal awnings were placed above the windows for a contemporary look while wood trellis/window treatments were added to soften the space.
Midpoint Market

The project was to find an abandoned building to redesign or re-purpose. This building is located on Carnegie Rd. near East 84th Street in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jody Amsden, LEED...
Adjunct Professor of Design Cleveland, OH