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Collection of furniture for youth rooms "ERIDAN"

The ERIDAN collection is inspired by the tones of the sea with a faint hint of color. The unique charm is provided by drawings on the facades and metal handles with matte antique brass coating. Thanks to the restrained colors and light sea accents you will create a children's room for the child in soothing colors.

The ERIDAN collection is a safe and comfortable single and bunk bed design, functional closet with practical content, well-designed organization of the study area, which includes comfortable desks and shelving systems for storing important accessories. The overall ideas of the room are emphasized by pillows and rollers with eco-leather inserts, ideally matched to the prints on the facades.


ANNA DANKO https://www.instagram.com/anna.danko/
KSENIYA TSERABNIOVA https://www.instagram.com/kseniya_tserabniova/

Manufacturing: JSC "Involux"

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Jana Nizovtseva
Designer Minsk, Belarus