Soft Goods - Sleep System - A project set out to adress sustainability in hiking equipment
Concept Sketches - Concept Exploration
Hammock Testing - A second field testing trip was taken, this time to explore the reinforcement needed for the hammocking feature, there were no failures or major issues.
Refinement / Using - All uses of the product are shown above. Bivy, Hammock, Crash Pad, and a Seat Cushion
Carbon Footprint - Shown is a illustration of an example consumer living in Georgia who purchases the four individual products and the shipping that follows compared to the same consumer who purchases the Shelter unit only.
Final Sleep Shelter - Final All in one Bivy, Hammock, Crash Pad, and Seat Cushion
Soft Goods - Backpacking Shelter
Jared Downs
Industrial Designer Salt Lake City, UT