Rock of Love Girls at Bar Louie Dearborn Station - This poster was the first freelance work I designed for Bar Louie. I was asked to make a simple poster, checkbook flier, and small flier, that could be easily read and printed. I was also asked to try and make the event less sex driven and slutty which would allow more females to come as well.
Pub Trivia Night at Bar Louie: DS - This poster does a good job of showing my love of type. Most of my design usually emphasizes type. I love taking letters and words and seeing how they interact with one another. My designs also attacks space by pushing boundaries and kerning norms.
Pub Trivia: 5 by 6 Inch Flier - This is the 5 by 6 inch flier for Bar Louie Dearborn Station Pub Trivia Night. For every poster in the Bar Louie Freelance folder, I have made a corresponding 5 by 6 inch poster, as well as the next example which is a 3.5 by 8.5 inch flier for their checkbooks. I put this in as an example of how I am able to alter my ideas to fit needed material.
Pub Trivia: Checkbook Flier - This is the checkbook flier I designed for Bar Louie Dearborn Station's Pub Trivia Wednesdays. This is an example of the checkbook sized flier. I put this in as an example of how I am able to alter my ideas to fit needed material.
Generic Live Band Saturdays for Bar Louie: DS - Bar Louie Dearborn Station wanted to let their customers and local citizens know that Bar Louie was going to start to have a live band perform every Saturday night. They asked me to make a poster, checkbook flier, and little flier, that would spark interest, and curiosity for this new happening. I wanted the image to be hard to make out at first, and intriguing. I also wanted the image to be something that most people have not seen. The colors are classic James Wenzel Design colors.
Speak Her Language at Bar Louie: DS - Bar Louie Dearborn Station has live bands play every Saturday Night. This Saturday they had a band called Speak Her Language. I wanted to keep the poster clean by separating the band and venue. I came up with the treatment for the bands name and the little symbol. I also made the two other sizes.
Widespread Panic Weekend at Bar Louie: DS - For this poster the client wanted something that would appeal to the Widespread Panic fans, and have a map from the venue of the concert to Bar Louie. I also wanted to keep the poster simple with the color scheme in case they decided to print it out in grayscale. I designed this poster with a heavy want to keep all the information on the left hand side off of the poster. I instead wanted only the right side plus Bar Louie Dearborn Station, but you have to do what the client wants!
Party Room Logo - Most Bar Louie's have a party room in the back. Bar Louie Randolph and Dearborn Station both wanted a logo to go on the doors and anywhere else that seemed fitting in the party rooms. They wanted a logo that kept the Bar Louie feel, and allowed the party room to take on it's own feel.
Bar Louie Freelance
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