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Flyer for AD Reps to sell adverts - Created the dad filled hearts in PS
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He is asking her if she has delicious ice cream - Combined images in Illustrator to create graphic
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Sales piece for sales reps to create revenue
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Flyer - Done in Illustrator
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Redesign on colors
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Classified advertisement
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In Memoriam advert
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client loved!
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client didn't choose
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email registration shouts
poster w/pull off tabs
logo design
logo possibilities
truck magnetic sign
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hard light in Photoshop
Charlotte's cover/ my rack sign - Let the cover of publication do the talking - faint gradient background to enhance colors in blue to match Dad's shirt
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shall I use this logo? hmmmmmm
I do like this apple best wit hthe water spots.
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springing into March2011
Jo Donoghue DeCenzo
Savvy Graphic Designer NH