Typographic Symposium Poster - A project where I was restricted to the use of type only, as well as no color and focused on the use of negative space. This was meant for the advertisement of a (made up) Typographic Symposium where we had to use one large letterform. Won an entrance into the Annual University Student Show with this piece.
Beethoven Poster - Another poster project for a class. The objective was to advertise a fictional Beethoven concert. I incorporated elements of both New York School design (Inspiration from Saul Bass) and then the Swiss school.
Self-Promo CD Packaging - This was my design for a self-promo piece that I had to do for my portfolio presentation. It was something I could leave behind with a client which contains my work and other information. So, I made a layout which would work for the packaging of a DVD.
Personal Identity 01
MHCC Baseball On-Field Hats 2008
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Fernbrook Botanicals Packaging 01
Fernbrook Botanicals Packaging 02
Chapin Invitation 01
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Graphic Design - Past
Jeff Wheeler
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