Apex Export Logo - The arrow that points to the right reminds the consumer that Apex is always moving forward with their business goals. The color choices of blue, red, and orange represent the company’s underlying qualities. Blue conveys a sense of reliability and trust to the consumers. Red expresses their passion and brings attention to themselves. Orange implements Apex's adaptability to the ever-changing competitive marketplace.
Soft Logo - The logo was a vital element to the design. In order to entice the target audience, it was important to meet their desires associated with the product. For women, a shower gel needs to be refreshing and soothing to the skin. What better word to choose than the word “Soft”? To assist the word I integrated a cloud, whose qualities expressed gentleness. The logotype of the word soft was fused with the contour of a cloud to produce the final logo.
VF-EX Logo
Jeffrey Gates
Graphic/Web Designer Las Vegas, NV