GENERIC OVERVIEW WRITTEN IN THIRD PERSON : Jeff Holmes has been a designer since 1994 when he designed the web page for his High School in exchange for free internet. He became the Senior Designer at Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA. in 1999 and managed and designed UniversalStudios.com until the NBC merger in 2003. Relocating to Utah in 2003, Jeff has designed, managed, and directed the design for literally hundreds of companies, locally and nationwide. His award winning work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, National Geographic, and many other print and online publications. His design work recently appeared on the Capture show on the CW network, where he worked with the technical team to design and develop a realtime mapping and player UI that appeared live on the air with each episode. MORE INFO WRITTEN IN FIRST PERSON: I have been designing for 20 years now with the web as my primary focus, and am well versed with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and the entire Creative Cloud suite of Adobe products. I am familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and can edit code. I also have many years experience with film, broadcast television, video for the web, and motion animation using Flash, AfterEffects and Premiere. I also have extensive print design and press check experience, being overly obsessive with color and typography for clients. I am a Photographer/Videographer and have many years experience with set lighting, green screens, retouching and compositing photography and video. My job right now consists of directing an experienced team of designers in everything from corporate branding and identity for Fortune 500 Companies, to full scale video production, to print and web design. Basically we make things look awesome for our clients in every industry in every format, digital or print. Period.

Experience & Education