Foldable Solar Catamaran - Why should rich guys have all the fun on the water? Float is an affordable, mobile and fun way for 4 friends to enjoy a day away from shore.

Designed for students and young professionals, this catamaran focuses on socialization and relaxation.
After spending a day with a prototype solar boat, we noticed it required a lengthy and tool-intensive assembly, used problematic pontoons, and the experience was too focused on driving, not relaxing.

Knowing we wanted to fit four people into the boat, we taped out multiple seating configurations. Armed with a few dimensions dimensions, we began concepting.
Components - The dominating feature of the boat is the large mesh seating area. The "hammock" feel of this is meant to replicate the feeling of laying on sand. Because driving Float is secondary to actually relaxing on the water, steering is performed by turning a gyroscopic handheld controller. The e-ink display on the controller displays battery status. Other features include an insulated pouch for drinks and food and an adjustable sun screen.
Transport & Assembly
Float Solar Catamaran
Jeffrey Greger
Human-Centered Designer @ elemental8, Aspiring Anthropologist Palo Alto, CA