I bring an insatiable curiosity and human-focused approach to bear on discovering hidden needs and creatively solving intractable problems. This has included designing a zero emissions micro-home, envisioning next gen retail experiences for L'Oreal Paris, and working with entrepreneurs to develop intuitive and approachable medical devices. Recently, I have been working with FAIR Money, a multidisciplinary research collective studying income inequality and student loan debt in Silicon Valley. I am also the founding chair of IDSA Silicon Valley, and thoroughly enjoy having the opportunity to bring together innovators working across multiple fields. Specialties: design strategy, writing, design research, sustainable design, sketching, materials and manufacturing, German language


Float Catamaran featured on Inhabitat: http://inhabitat.com/jeffrey-gregers-foldable-float-solar-catamaran-is-a-green-way-to-relax-on-the-water/ Founding Chair IDSA Silicon Valley Chapter Vice Chair IDSA SJSU Chapter


IDSA Silicon Valley

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