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This visual clue / course signage, was designed to be helpful (to send the user to the subway via Toronto Public Transport), but was also intended to send a second message: "You are on your way" - to home? to work? to an anticipated dinner?

(This is a mockup for an non-existent organization)
"1919" in 1919 West Crystal (apartment building in a hip area of a large US city) offers an opportunity to stack the numbers because, either way, it is 19+19.

This design offers a modern, yet classic slab-serif font paired with a block design for the numeral portion of the address. The intent is to compliment the geometric/linear design of the building's shape and existing window design (colors and shape).

(This is a mockup design)
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These Wayfinding and Environmental design projects are a way to connect the public (traveler) with their surroundings. Environmental design should not over-power the existing space, but instead should enhance the public experience and offer assistance.

Freelance, Full-time
Jenn Noonan
Graphic Designer Valrico, FL