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MOMENT: Student Deposit Elevation

At a study abroad organization, we strategically lowered our application deposit amount and needed to rework the moment for students. Previously, we sent a t-shirt and swag post-deposit, but a lower deposit meant needing to lower the cost on this moment while doing something exciting and new.

I curated and designed this sticker and postcard set, intentionally not screaming our brand, but instead worked our name into each sticker design. We also featured student photography on the postcard and a fun envelope to nudge opening. A team member also made GIFs for GIPHY.com of most of these stickers so we could carry the experience online.

This moment pairs with the related Acceptance moment revamp recently launched. The goal is to excite students to continue in the application process while also generating word-of-mouth exposure for the company.

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Jennifer Weisgerber
Director of Marketing & Communications/Value-Added Creative Northampton, MA