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This toolkit was created for membership organizations to use however they can/want/have resources to. A modified version was sent to our community partners.

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First of four cover images for our Facebook page. If we intend the images to be used by membership or shared, we don't include the CAWS logo.
First of eight meme images for social media. Optimized for Facebook, formatted well for Tumblr, Instagram, or Twitter. Meme images are meant to be shared with comments or just to make a statement, all while visibly tracking back to the original page that posted the image. We shared these on our organization site, but also encouraged members to share them as their own.
First of four college-specific meme images
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Social Media Campaign: Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month and the state coalition office distributed an awareness toolkit. It contained a compilation of relevant national material plus original content packaged in an accessible and shareable format.

Awareness materials for social media have become a regular component of our awareness campaigns.

Jennifer Weisgerber
Director of Marketing & Communications/Value-Added Creative Northampton, MA