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For our awareness months, we like to assemble handy digital toolkits so our membership has updated, relevant materials that are easily reproducible on a local level. The Friends Don't Let Friends Blame Victims campaign has received great feedback.
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This wasn't the highest our engagement numbers reached during this campaign, but our reach eventually approached or exceeded 20,000.
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Statewide Awareness Campaign: Friends Don't Let Friends Blame Victims campaign (April 2013)

At CAWS North Dakota, we developed this public will campaign to address victim blaming during Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month in April 2013.

We created a toolkit for our coalition members to use - they include images for social media and printable resources.

We also printed vinyl stickers and large cardstock posters to distribute at awareness events.

Feedback on this campaign has been AMAZING and we've had great success with our social media interaction.

Jennifer Weisgerber
Director of Marketing & Communications/Value-Added Creative Northampton, MA