Final Presentation AT&T and Concept 101 were so excited about our products that they recorded the entire event.
AT&T Sponsored Class: Research

Research done for AT&T and Concept 101 to help develop 3 different sub-brands of the company (Decibel, Retro, Tribe). Our goal was to create hero products of the iphone for the young professional.

During our initial research phase, we broke into three groups; marketing, perception, and trends. My role was contextual research in the perception group as well as aiding in graphic design. From our insights, groups were able to move forward with further research.

After research was finished, our groups were broken up in to three once again. Each group (Decibel, Retro, and Tribe) were to follow certain trends of the year. The research shown are key points my design team (Decibel) focused on.

Lastly, I was in charge of designing the room for our final presentation with AT&T and Concept 101. These results can be seen at the bottom.

Jeremy Dennis
Freelance Industrial Designer Savannah, GA