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Holiday packaging with die cut outer wrap and silver tins.
Box without the die cut outer wrap, showing slide drawer and inside cut tin display.
Tea gift box with wood crate aesthetic and "treasure" tins.
Inside of gift box with die cut tin display and tea bag slot.
Hand Sanitizing bottle graphics - New modern bottle design needed more contemporary graphics, still staying within company brand language.
Household Wipes - Developed design ideas from an initial ideation, deciding on contemporary and sustainable packaging design concepts, with the challenge of making older product brand fit each concept.
Face Cloth packaging - Company wanted creative and feminine packaging using patterns and photo realism, while staying within their visual brand language.
Household Wipes - This line of household wipes packaging was a combination of graphic element placement, color usage and strict brand language. It successfully launched in South Africa after a long creative process.
Healthy Workplace bundle - I was part of the team that created the packaging for this B2B bundle specifically to be kept on employees desks for promoting good health. Client wanted the look to be simple and utilitarian.
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