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Solid Wood Chair - This extremely sturdy chair of solid maple construction has straight lines mixed with soft curves at the joints that minimize the rigidity of its right angles. Conceptually, it was designed to make the user a more polite, generous and compassionate person. The angle of the back makes the user sit up straight, and the soft pillowed seat presents a person like a jewel. Men and women alike feel more proper and charming the minute they sit upon this chair.
ADK Sofa 2005 - My intention was to create a piece of furniture that would make people more active, energetic and playful. I wanted to make a place where one could rest, but would not be bored. This piece is made from sustainable matierials: bamboo plywood frame, reclaimed pine legs, natural latex foam and organic cotton batting.
Cubes Sofa - This piece of furniture is customizable and interactive. Users can remove the cube cushions to toss them around, rearrange them, or hide things underneath them. A variety of colors would be available. A blue sofa on Monday, a red sofa Tuesday, and on Wednesday - stripes!
Creative Director Philadelphia, PA