Poster. For the launch of their wireless service, I used slang terms as «banda» y «chido» {"Gang" & "Cool"} to make the piece more friendly and approachable to the inteded target.
Creative direction and copywriting: Jorge Inchaurregui
Art direction: Mauricio Dávila

ChidoTel and its mobile carrier ChidoCel wanted to launch their telephone services to a popular market, the largest in Mexico, with all sorts of communications materials. I suggested to focus first on finding their brand DNA to feel comfortable about who they really were and why they were selling to that market. I made a manifesto that reflected that, about being relaxed, cool, without complications, to be real and authentic, to always show a smile even against the odds, because that's what makes us Mexican. At first the client felt it was "too Mexican", but I convinced them it was the right way to sell the company to potential foreign investors; those investors loved it because it was too Mexican.

Freelance, Full-time
Jorge Inchaurregui Elizarraras
Creative Director | Art & Copy | Bilingual Ciudad de México, Mexico