Recipe box - medical samples container
Digital manipulation
Brochure - Exterior
Brochure - Interior
Brochure - Exterior - Extended
Brochure - Interior - Extended
Notepad - Exterior - Front view
Notepad - Interior
Notepad - Exterior - Rear view
Pharmaceutical sales materials

Creative Direction: Jorge Inchaurregui
Art Direction: Gabriel Torres, Jorge Inchaurregui

Medix, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Mexico, needed an attractive set of materials for their sales force to present their line of gastro-intestinal products to doctors, hospitals and potential clients in an innovative way.

"Receta" is Spanish for both "Prescription" and "Recipe", so I used this duality of the term to create the concept for the materials: cooking recipes.

A recipe box will hold medical samples for the doctors to evaluate, an oversized brochure will explain the benefits of each medication and a handy notepad for doctors to sketch ideas while keeping the Medix Gastro line in their top of mind.

Freelance, Full-time
Jorge Inchaurregui Elizarraras
Creative Director | Art & Copy | Bilingual Ciudad de México, Mexico