The brief was pretty straight forward: communicate to men that sexual harassment in public transportation {and elsewhere, for that matter} is wrong. My idea was to get Mexican men where it counts; being one myself it was interesting to find -that- insight. In Mexican culture, being a man is being tough, brave, strong, courageous, etc. Telling the male population that being -real men- is more much than giving in our animalistic impulses is what set us apart, plays perfectly with that culture. Or it should at least. Showing a beast, is presenting what women see when men act on pure, uncontrolled sexual/power instinct. It's pretty confrontational, but such creative is needed to get the point across. I wanted to make men feel something and to question themselves.
Creative Direction: Jorge Inchaurregui
Art Direction: Gabriel Torres, Mauricio Dávila.

Freelance, Full-time
Jorge Inchaurregui Elizarraras
Creative Director | Art & Copy | Bilingual Ciudad de México, Mexico