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Technopoly Brochure - A brochure based on the book "Technopoly" by Neil Postman, which discusses the effects on the influx of technology.
Technopoly Brochure (page 2) - The page on the left is a graphic timeline of technology throughout the years. The coding on prior pages was done to implicate how technology has become an essential factor in nearly everything we do.
Technopoly Brochure (page 3) - The content summarizes what Neil Postman discusses, utilizing color and type to further illustrate his point.
Technopoly Brochure (page 4) - Images were taken from masterfile.com and the internet.
Technopoly Brochure (page 5) - This was a personal project on exploring how to communicate a new thought or idea.
Jonathan Levine Gallery Brochure - Low-brow art was criticized at first, but has become influential to artists and graphic designers alike. The brochure expresses the idea of a small movement with a large impact by contrasting the folded size to the opened size.

This also speaks of the gallery, whose size was modest but work exhibited was astronomical.
Senior Thesis Presentation Brochure - I took an underappreciated product (In this case, the egg carton) and made it not only more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally safe, but pushed the form to be more indicative of the egg itself.

This thesis recieved high honors.
Emily Lowe Gallery Brochure
Emily Lowe Gallery Brochure (back)
Hofstra Museum Brochure (primary mockup)
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Jessica Moon
New Jersey/New York, NY