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ASP (Awareness During Sleep Paralysis)

I have been experiencing ASP ever since I was a child and have never really understood it or researched it until recently. It turns out it is more common than I thought. Awareness during Sleep Paralysis, or ASP, is any awareness during the paralysis that naturally occurs in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep to prevent us from harming others or ourselves by acting out our dreams. In other words your mind wakes up before your body. You wake up and realize that you can’t move your body, you can’t speak, and there’s a heaviness in your chest that seems to suffocate you. Most people’s reaction is sheer panic because every nightmarish image seems to be more vivid than any dream. Supposedly ASP is the beginnings of outer-body experiences. This microzine's aim is to visually communicate the feeling and experience of ASP. It draws the readership through a series of photographs and abstract illustrations that trigger that sense of motionless fear.

Joan Rueca
Graphic Designer : Branding | Print | Packaging | Marketing... Toronto, Canada