Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Igloo Products Corp. k

Costa Mesa, CA

May 22
Job Description

Location: Costa Mesa, Ca

Igloo is back. We need your gas on our fire.


You are an exceptionally diverse Designer/Illustrator who has a knack for product. You LOVE new product. You SCOUR Instagram looking for the new looks. You wanna be on a team of SOLID players murdering product & bouncing ideas around. You want to make a difference & play a part in resuscitating a HUGE American iconic brand.


To assist making our products look good:
• Conceptualizing graphics, repeat prints, & color ways for MASS, SPECIALTY, MEN, & WOMEN.
• Pulling/collecting tears to support concepts
• Identify trends in the outdoor, sporting, & housewares industry
• ILLUSTRATING designs & tiling prints for sampling


• You are a HUNTER of cool finds… You might find yourself at the Long Beach Veterans swap meet every month, or hanging at the Cooper Building checking out new stuff.
• You dig timeless brands like Timex, Filson, Levis, & Redwing.
• You are a somewhat of an OUTDOOR person. You like the sun on your face & sand in your toes.
• You can communicate & play well with others.
• You are someone who NEVER has to be told that Facebooking, printing out an encyclopedia for personal reasons, & other tomfoolery openly around senior management is probably a bad idea.
• Knowledge of KEYSHOT program is extra credit.


• You MUST HAVE at have at least 2 years working as a FULL time designer
• You MUST know Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop. 
• You must be skilled in traditional design disciplines: color, layout, eye for detail, makin' stuff look good.
• You must understand the basics of things associated: how to use a Macintosh computer, how to print stuff, how to use a telephone… how to get to work.


We are doing a full CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION of the brand. All Igloo Innovation & Marketing has moved to Costa Mesa, Ca. Leadership has built brands like Paul Frank & RVCA. We are fun, innovative, experienced, energetic, & diligent. Now is the time to get involved, we are making HUGE leaps & bounds. Your involvement will make a difference.


***please send RESUME & PORTFOLIO to Mdavenport@igloocorp.com***

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

Igloo Products Corp.

Igloo Products Corporation serves targeted consumers, the New American Dreamer, with thermal preservation and mobile hydration products - all for the purpose of creating fun experiences. Who are these New American Dreamers? We are the people hiking, fishing, camping, spending time in our own back yards or cheering on the sidelines of our kid's soccer games. We are players, supporters, motivated fun seekers who spend time outdoors, on athletic fields, in gymnasiums and health clubs across the globe. We're doers, seekers, explorers or observers who share a common desire - the pursuit of happiness. Igloo's growing suite of products ignites fun while enabling experiences that are at the very heart of memories. Cool Facts:  Almost four in every five U.S. households owns an Igloo cooler. Igloo coolers are sold through over 100000 outlets in the U.S. and around the world. If you are looking for a challenging career and an opportunity to work for one of Americas best known brands for more than 65 years Igloo is the organization for you.