Chair, Product Design

ArtCenter College of Design k

Pasadena, CA

Jun 12
Job Description

The Chair of the Product Design department reports to the Provost, provides vision, leadership and is broadly responsible for ensuring educational excellence and the ongoing successful operations of the Product Design educational program. Responsibilities include planning, oversight, and operational management of the department’s curriculum, budget, and initiatives as well as organizational leadership for staff, faculty, and students. The Chair is responsible for defining the mission of the department in alignment with the College’s mission and strategic plan.

The Chair is responsible for producing and operating a student-centered ongoing 8-semester Bachelor of Science degree educational program that graduates students appropriately prepared to receive the department’s respective degree. The Chair works to create a program that will ensure, support, inform, and enrich students’ learning and studio practices, intellectual development, critical thinking and communication skills. The Chair is responsible for operating a program that responds to the needs and goals of a culturally diverse student and faculty community and for keeping the program relevant to the rapidly changing respective professional fields.

The Chair is an organizational manager and supervisor with administrative staff and faculty as direct reports. The Chair administers various staff employment related functions such as reviews, hours approvals, job searches, etc. The Chair oversees department budgets and purchasing as well as class scheduling and planning. The Chair works to manage, identify, and recruit faculty and potential applicants. The Chair works to develop curricular content with each faculty to ensure alignment of class outcomes with program outcomes.

The Chair is the lead educator in the department. The Chair is responsible for staying connected to and relevant to both the curriculum and the professional fields related to the department’s graduates by staying actively involved with both. The Chair is expected to engage in practices that will keep their perspectives relevant to changes in the field, to teach if appropriate, and engage with students and the curriculum in a manner that ensures they are empathetic of staff, students and faculty in the context of ongoing operations.

The Chair should be an excellent communicator, a good listener, and receptive to multiple points of view and ideas. The Chair must lead and make decisions that maintain high ethical standards and demonstrate respect for faculty, staff, and students. The Chair collaborates with staff and other department leaders to achieve departmental and institutional goals.

The Chair of Product Design works to achieve departmental and institutional goals in partnership with college: Admissions; Enrollment Services; Faculty Affairs; Student Affairs; Educational Partnerships, Study Away; Development; Alumni Relations; Marketing and Communications; Facilities; the Library; Human Resources; and the Office of the President.

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.