Senior Product Designer

Battlefy k

Vancouver, Canada

Jun 18
Job Description

- A meticulous full-stack designer that works across systems, information architecture, interactions, aesthetics, and prototyping.
- An expert communicator & are comfortable justifying your design decisions and rationale to everyone in the company from sales, to business, to engineering & product.
- An avid champion of design principles, a follower of the latest trends, and a team player who understands that process, critique, and iterations are as important as the final solution.
- Constantly curious, always looking for problems to solve and ways to improve yourself, the team and the product.
- A self-starter able to work with minimal oversight, relish autonomy, and are a leader able to push and challenge others to adopt design thinking processes.

- Build and help define the vision of how the Battlefy platform works, feels, looks and interacts.
- Have the autonomy to own and challenge the entire product design process, from requirements gathering & user research to wireframing, paper prototypes & high-fidelity mockups.
- Help define the role of design in the company with an open-minded management team.
- Collaborate with Engineering, Product, Marketing & Sales on a daily basis, explaining design choices and trade-offs.
- Design beautiful interfaces which show only the amount of visual information necessary, no more no less.
- After release, pinpoint where optimization, user studies and analytics can be most effective for driving subsequent iterations.

- Experience working in an agile, inter-disciplinary collaborative environment to see the implementation of designs through development.
- 3-5 years experience designing & shipping digital products
- Expert knowledge of Sketch, Adobe CC, and other design tools

- Worked in a startup environment and are used to wearing different hats.
- Understand front-end web technologies like CSS3/HTML5/JavaScript.
- Are experienced in organizing and playing in esports tournaments.
- Attempted (even if it failed) your own venture.


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