Senior Industrial Designer


Grand Rapids, MI

Sep 6
Job Description

A Senior Industrial Designer is an independent thought leader and self-managed contributor within the Consumer Design team. They engage in project team discussions with autonomy and are empowered to make decisions on products on the behalf of the category design leader. They are deeply familiar with BISSELL's Global Product Development (GPD) process and can manage external design contractors to a high degree in supporting their project work.

Senior Designers are accountable for developing compelling product concepts which aesthetically convey BISSELL's visual brand language, bring both intuitive and meaningful user experiences, and communicate a high level of craftsmanship. A high degree of skill is expected for all phases of the design process; covering early consumer needs definition, technology selection, aesthetic theme direction setting, and production execution.

Developing trusting relationships with cross-functional project teams to elevate the collective design thinking is a key component of success. The Senior Designer is both a skilled story teller and listener who can understand and appropriately question project constraints to deliver results which surprise and delight internal customers & end consumers.

Responsibilities include the execution of the overall product design as well as the application of color, materials & finishes and product graphics through collaboration with attributes designers. They are instrumental in helping define the product's architecture, construction, mechanisms and associated manufacturing processes in cooperation with the lead engineer, marketer & sourcing.

Category Design Leads depend on Senior Designers to support the building of category product strategies, mentoring of the internal design staff and co-ops and for providing significant input to the overall Visual Brand Language strategies.


Responsible for autonomous leadership of assigned projects as well as the management of contributing consultants and internal designers.

Translate sound aesthetic design principles working within the BISSELL VBL strategy, but also proposing updates to the strategy, ensuring relevance over time.

Execute the Consumer Design deliverables within the Global Product Development processes, leveraging communication tools and techniques in a manner that has a positive impact on their scope of work.

Working within BISSELL's existing core materials & manufacturing processes, but also developing unique differentiating solutions together with engineering & sourcing.

Communication of Consumer Design directions at a high level within the project team environment through excellent verbal, written & visual communication.

Sets priorities on all assigned projects and meets established deliverables throughout the GPD process.

Job may require additional projects and tasks within the scope of Consumer Design which support the global team as assigned by the Director of Consumer Design.


Creativity and innovative thinking
Global strategic thinking
Delivers Results
Process Management
Learning Versatility
Detail Orientation
Continuous Improvement
Communication and collaborative


Degree minimum: Bachelor of Fine Arts or Science in Industrial Design
Experience level: At least 5 years of practical work experience in Industrial Design designing consumer products. Experience in self-managing projects and bringing innovation to those projects
Highly creative individual with stellar visualization design skills
Familiar with Design Research methodologies that helps guide decision making
Demonstrate strong understanding to the integration of Ergonomics and Usability in design
Exceptional attention to design craftsmanship and aesthetic senses to brand language


Preferred experience level: Ability to influence cross-functional creative and technical teams and supporting external agencies to improve the outcome of design.

Advanced knowledge of BISSELL design tools (Adobe Design Suite, Rhino, CREO, KeyShot, Microsoft office)


This position requires the ability to manage the flow of project data, participation in department project review sessions, generation of visual summary posters and communication by voice or data while being connected in the office, at home or while travelling by laptop or mobile device regularly without regard to time zone or day of the week.


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